Baby Boomer Home Business Ideas are plentiful.¬†We are nearing retirement, or already retired… why not become an internet business owner?

Why would baby boomers even consider a Home Business? Maybe you just retired, for goodness sake, and now I am asking you to work again? Seriously, Wendy?

I will tell you why… keep reading!

I hope to help you Think Outside the Box and find the perfect Home Business ideas for you! We are often ‘blind’ to the many ways to earn a supplemental retirement income that surround us all…

Boomers need to keep our retirement lifestyle as fun, challenging, and fulfilling as possible… and WHY NOT have fun?

Keep it at home, Keep it small too… Don’t make it like work, just have fun while bringing in some income!

It’s time for you to live life your way. You no longer need to work for others. Your Home Business: your rule, your location, your schedule, your working hours, your pajama’s ūüôā ¬†It’s all about you when you OWN the Business! Right?

THIS is my Online Business In A Box: 

Apple MacBook Pro¬†¬†— I love my MAC!

All you need is a computer. Period. Take your business anywhere you go! That’s the beauty of an online business!

Ebooks, Audio, Video, Website/Blog, Email… all communication tools to have fun while earning income!

WHY a Home Business?

There are three major reasons that a retiree might want to start an online business.

1) Online business is done by computer. You can be at home or on vacation, in your pajamas or a business suit,  or sitting at a restaurant with a burger and fries and your ipad, working. You can work part-time, or full-time, you set the hours, you manage your online business to match your retirement lifestyle.

2) Keeping mentally challenged goes a long way to keeping mentally astute. Starting a new challenge, like an online business, is fun but also great help in keeping your mind sharp.

3) Even a retiree who is financially ok, can use more income. Sometimes, its a simple challenge to see what you can earn online. For others, they need additional income to survive.

Many Boomers are retiring. Some Boomers retired voluntarily, only to find they were’t fulfilled and happy. Many others were forced out early due to downsizing, layoffs, and simply were not prepared for retirement. Many weren’t ready financially — and they REALLY weren’t ready mentally. That’s huge, we still need a reason to get up in the morning…

I will say that online business isn’t easy– it does take work¬†and effort. BUT instead of becoming a Couch Potato, why not play online and see what happens?

This site is geared towards finding the RETIRED YOU a perfect  Home Business to help you:

1) Share that lifetime of knowledge stuck inside your head

2) Find yourself again and create a new identity for your retirement

3) Keep busy, enjoy new challenges online, meet new online friends

4) Travel the nation (or even the world) going to conferences while networking and growing your business

5) Gain a supplemental income which all retirees can use!

I Love to Build My Own Small Businesses! I really hope you will too!

Have a look around. I’ve got plenty of home business ideas for boomers like you.

Want to make money on Amazon? Here you go:

Want to work only ONLINE? No problem.

Don’t like computers and prefer starting an offline business? ¬†Start here:

Are you a Creative Type? Check these out:



Best Wishes!

Wendy, Your Retirement Coach

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