boomer-bloggersI am a Boomer Blogger and I love every minute I am working here! I really do!

It’s time to Pay It Forward… share the masses of knowledge in your brain with the world. If  you can write – you can blog! AND — with a blog, you can earn and income and do so much more too!




Why Blog? Passive  Income Explained

First, let’s explore WHY you want to consider a website or blog. It’s about how to build passive income online.

How to Start a Blog or Website

Do you have a niche yet? You really need a specific topic for an income producing blog… try my free Discover Your Niche workshop (on my Retirement-Online site).

Most bloggers use WordPress and it’s a great blogger tool. Creativity galore!

I’ve written a short ebook  as a WordPress Set Up Guide: Tutorial for Boomer Bloggers… and it’s a FREE download.

Just CLICK — You will be rerouted to my Retirement-Online site, as that’s where I uploaded it.


Do you LOVE the Quote?  

“It’s not about age or about finding yourself. Wherever you are, at whatever age, You’re only a thought away from changing your life.” — Wayne Dyer, PhD

A thought away from changing your life… I ♥ that! Let’s Change Lives in Our Retirement Years!

If you need help with WordPress, you might start with this free 28-day WordPress course by Paul Taubman, another NAMS friend.

Writing Your Blog or Website

Need some Online Writing Tips to get you started?  You can even make a blog, for income, and never even write… read more.


I will help you with oodles of new blogging ideas to enhance your fun, provide you with new mental challenges and bring you income adventures!

Now that you have a WordPress Blog and a domain name registered — there is so much more you can do to enhance your blog, entertain your readers, and earn income. Let’s dive into them!