Google Calendar

For years now, I have tried oodles of different apps for my To Do List. From simple calendars to more complex apps, nothing worked for me.

Recently, I revisited Google Calendars. This is a screenshot from my current calendar.

Google Calendar

On Scheduling Tasks, I’ve been using Google Calendars recently and love it! I’ve tried SO MANY “to do” apps, never worked… this does.







You can easily find it – Google, click on block with 9 squares top right to get any google products and there it is.



EVENT – click on the day of the week, and enter it. Use edit to change the color, the time, description (I add the clickable link to webinars), and how/when you want to be reminded. LOVE the Reminders!

If this is a recurring event, mark it as so, and it will appear week after week, or day after day… you don’t have to enter it multiple times!

TASK – your day to day to do list. Tasks are located above the calendar.. its hard to see the short line for tasks, but after you have a few tasks up, it’s easy to find.  

The easist way to start: go into Agenda mode (instead of day or month), click on the very small top line above the times. Change Event to TASK. The task goes into the day you want to do the work, BUT can easily be dragged to the next day or week (Yep it happens all the time!) 

The tasks remain at the top of each day in one color – and when you complete a task, check off the box and the calendar item will appear as done! 

Day or Agenda Mode gives me a glance and action plan. Month lets me move it all around, or see the big picture…

Just works for me, maybe will help you too?

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