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I just returned from NAMS12, held August 2014 in Atlanta, and just have to rave about this conference. NAMS stands for NOVICE TO ADVANCED MARKETING SYSTEMS.

Ute and Sheila

This photo was taken at the NAMS12 Workshop (I prefer to call it a “conference” as it’s much more than a workshop… grin!)

This is Ute, and we travelled from Michigan to Georgia together. She drove… and we yakked non-stop all that time. Great friend and travel partner.

Ute and Sheila were two of many who collaborated on the SO WHAT DO YOU DO? book… and here they are happy to finally get a copy at NAMS. All attendees got a free book and there was a long long table of writers who signed their own page for everyone. How COOL is that?

Back to the workshop…

First, this is the story of my first NAMS experience in February 2014, if  you’d like to read it.  I had so much fun — learned so much for my business and networked but was quite reserved too… my introvert personality at it’s worst. 🙂

Second, I attended my second NAMS (just six months later) – and this page is about that second conference. I will attend NAMS13 in March 2015. Anyone want to meet me there? You’ll learn about online business ideas like never before… Guaranteed.

This conference/workshop has such a Family atmosphere… everyone cares and shares with others. The classes and instructors are great and they really take the time to assure you understand the concepts, and even help you figure it out.

Janet, a friend from, attended her first NAMS and started her first WordPress site while she was there with instructors to walk her through it. I think it’s really cool that you can have instructors right there helping you build the basics of the blog!

teresaAnother friend, Teresa just attended her first NAMS and  she networked with the best of them! Her site is:

At one session, the instructors changed places with attendees, and guess who jumped up there and grabbed the mike? My buddy, Teresa, started answering techy questions! I was so thrilled for her!

Oh yeah — This is Teresa and me at lunch one day… great time…

We had fun!

connie ragen green Connie Ragen Green (and me) was one of the instructors. She is another amazing woman.

School teacher for years turned into an online business owner — she wins marketing contests like a steamroller because she is so REAL. Period. She knows her stuff and does the work. She also beleives in Simple, nothing complex… but that simple translates into a fabulous income too!

I like that!
Nicole Dean Now this is Nicole Dean,  another Super Star online! I have several of her products and have learned so much from her.

When I first got to NAMS, I was having lunch with Janet and noticed Nicole and her family sitting in a nearby booth.  She looked the Mom part – and yet, I look at her as such a Genius online. Amazing gal – helping many with her committment to online opportunity.

One of her many sites is I bought both here Sticky Content and Sticky Passive Income classes… great stuff. This is just a sample but you’ll learn lots about writing blog pages and using your content!

Geoff Huff

Geoff Hoff is another online entrepreneur. He is a creative soul, loves to write, and trains people to write for the web.

Ute and I took a creative writing class  under Geoff… he’s great!

Geoff (pronounced Jeff) recently had a health crisis… and I bet he depended on his passive income to pull him through. That’s what I love about online businesses — once you get them up and running they can continue to pay you even when life gets in the way.

Sooo Good!

capt louThis is me and Captain Lou… loved hearing his history. Sold couch covers (yes, the old plastic kind) for years, lived low… and suddenly started doing cruises. He books many and is doing the big Affiliate Marketing Cruise for NAMS in January 2015. I’m not going… but Teresa and Ute both are.

He is an amazing self-built man… who’s made big money as an entrepreneur!

Shelley and Rayven

This is Shelly Hitz from  and another online website friend. She is so inspirational and one of my Christian friends. Great gal1

Then there is Rayven, known her for ten years and met her at SBI conferences, now we meet again at NAMS!

Rayven was the key income for her family, two kids, and they live quite nicely too, travelled the country, amazing gal!

This is Terri Bork and me. Terri does a webinar every week that showcases an online entrepreneur.

I was recently interviewed by Terri, and met her at a NAMS conference — that’s the power of networking!

Our interview is below….


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