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Paul quoteBoomers: this is what this site is all about… putting our lifetime of knowledge to work for you, now, in retirement — for additional income.

You may think you don’t know enough — but you DO know more than some people, and less than others. Love the quote from a participant in the Stretch challenge we are doing! Thanks Paul!

You can tutor kids or adults locally — or  you can teach online… whatever works best for you. You can also teach via a blog or website as you write on every aspect of the topic so that others can find exactly what they need to learn.

What you’ll need:

• The ability to teach
• An Internet connection
• Knowledge in a needed topic area

Do you have a college degree in something such as biology, math, English or another school subject? If so, you can get paid to become a virtual tutor on sites like www.tutor.com.

Do you have expertise in a popular craft, trade or language? You could tutor pupils in your local area as well.

Some class subjects are always in high demand such as calculus, chemistry, physics and statistics, but other general studies tutors are needed for writing, general math and biology.

If you think you’d like to tutor, but don’t feel comfortable working with kids, not to worry! Adults need tutors as well, so it’s not only kids you can teach.

Consider college students who need help with special subjects, or people studying for their GED, immigrants who want to learn English as a Second Language (ESL), or employees who have to take (and pass!) a class for a job. Tutoring can involve teaching anyone just about anything, so consider all your options before deciding this isn’t for you.

Begin by selecting the subject you’d like to teach, the age group (if that matters to you), and the days and times you’re available each week. Depending on the student, you’ll do best to offer some flexibility in setting your hours as some students may be in school or working during the day. Flexibility in scheduling sessions will help you find the most pupils.

You can place ads on sites such as CraigsList.com to offer your services as a tutor. Or if you’d rather do this offline in your local area, then you can place ads in your local paper, in the school paper, on a flyer at the grocery store and on other high-traffic bulletin boards.

If you’re looking to teach a full class, contact your local community college or adult education (night classes in high schools)  and see what kind of classes they’re in need of. You can earn some decent money teaching adults one or two nights a week if you pick a popular subject that several students are interested in.

Tutoring and teaching isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a business you can start at home, and you’ve always dreamed of being a teacher, tutoring may make the grade for you… so check it out!


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