Create business graphics and images for profit and fun

If you enjoy editing photos, images and cartoons… you might find business graphics and images as a great profitable business.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of winThere are dozens of ways to earn income with images online.

I use (CLICK IMAGE) for loads for the images on this site. I love it as I am already online – click and edit the image. Done! There is a free version — and that’s likely all you’ll need.


If you have graphics editing software and some knowledge of good design, you can make money providing a whole host of services such as website and blog graphics, advertising graphics, logos, and ecovers for ebooks, ezines, reports and more.

You can begin by creating graphics for your own blog, website, ezines, etc. and posting them on your site. If your designs are good, people will begin to ask where you got them. Bloggers  are always looking for good graphic designers.

Image Monthly is great service for images. They give you monthly lessons as well as photos and other creative fun. You look good, you’ll sell better… if that’s your intent. You might also look into it for your  own site alone.

You can find people needing your services on websites such as,, and other freelancing boards. Look for jobs and respond to potential clients as well as building your online reputation for being knowledgeable, dependable and professional.

Blog about graphic design on your own blog. Write articles and submit to sites such as for added exposure. Be sure to include a resource box at the end with a link to your website so interested clients can contact you.

Create a few graphics that you can offer free on your site and in your Facebook group. Embed a small line of text with your URL so everyone who sees them will know they came from you… free advertising, right?

Contact ebook and ezine publishers and offer them a discount on your services for their next ebook or ezine in exchange for a testimonial to post on your site. This is especially effective for well-known publishers with a large mailing list.

There are many ways to use your design talents to make fast money online. Look for the ones that appeal to you, then search out clients in need of your services and offer them graphics at a reasonable price. Before you know it, you’ll have more work than you can handle and you’ll be looking for other designers to help with the overflow.

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